Grilled Refried Bean and Pesto Sandwich with Homemade Tomato Soup



I’ve reached that point in the holiday season where I am pretty sure that I might possibly be prepared and have accomplished all my decorating/wrapping/gift giving goals…maybe. This impending holiday business means that I have neglected consistent grocery shopping and have taken on the challenge of cobbling together what is on hand to make what could pass for a meal ( meaning I’m not eating a whole bag of popcorn or cookies over the stove).   Flights are booked, presents are wrapped, and lights are lit, but a sister still has to eat, right? (more…)

Food Photography Class

Hi there! I’ve been holding this one from you, this post about the photography class I took. Trust me, it was awesome and I learned so much, but you know how you can remember what your favorite outfit was in fourth grade (stirrup leggings and oversize obnoxiously colored sweatshirt, scrunchie optional) but forget about what you put in the microwave 2 minutes ago? Well, that’s what happened with this post and pictures. (more…)

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies



It’s time. Time to break out the sheet pans, powdery flour, and bags upon bags of chocolate chips.  It’s Christmas cookie time and we are going at it in full force!  This time I was baking with a cause, not just to bribe my co-workers into visiting my cubicle.   (more…)