Wondering what to do this winter? I have 7 perfect ideas for making this the best winter yet!

Hiya and welcome to a Sunday post! I’ve been wanting to incorporate a few more different things in around here (natural skincare post coming soon) but I always thought, well does anyone really care? I’m kind of a nosy person myself, so I figure maybe some of you do, but if you’re here for the food, that’s still coming too! I’m trying to be a lot more intentional with my fun activities every season, as it seems like they fly by in the blink of an eye and I’ve hardly had time to do all the season appropriate things that I was intending on doing. Inspired by my friend Erin I made a fall/winter bucket list for this year so the season doesn’t go by without all the fun stuff. Some of these are things I’ve been wanting to do for a while and others are just ones that I’ve wanted to do ever since we’ve moved to Milwaukee, but just haven’t gotten around to yet.

– Make homemade noodles

  • My late maternal grandmother was somewhat of a noodle master. She was famous for her chicken and noodles, making big batches of her homemade noodles and giving them to us every year. I remember her making a ton of them, all spread out around the kitchen counter and rolling them so thin that they cooked perfectly and were never too doughy. Sadly, I never got the official recipe from her, but my mom says that the recipe was all up in her head anyway. I’m making it my mission this winter to master noodles just like hers and keep them around for soups and all the best winter comfort foods!

– Go hiking in Kettle Moraine State Park

  • This is more local, but I’ve always wanted to see the fall colors at Kettle Moraine here in Milwaukee. The park is only about 40 minutes from where we live, so it’s crazy that we haven’t been more often. I’ve gone with friends once, but it was in the middle of the hot summer heat and more for a ‘let’s hike around a little and then get outta here’ situation. I would love to go when it’s cooler and not as busy as in the summertime.

– Host Friendsgiving

  • We started this last year and I LOVED it. As stressful as it is to host a big meal for several people, having all the friends we love around one table made it totally worth it. We threw this one together in a week last year so it was kind of unplanned, but I’ve already had the menu going in my brain this year to make it even better. A lot of our friends work in the tv news business like my husband, so they are working on the Thanksgiving holiday anyway. Hosting a Friendsgiving at our house lets us get everyone together and gives them the chance to eat all the good foods, even if it’s a week before the actual holiday.

– See The Nutcracker ballet

  • This is one that I’ve done with my parents year over year, planning way in advance to see the production at my local high school that was always my absolute favorite. Even though we live away from my parents now, Milwaukee has an incredible ballet company and they put on a lovely show for The Nutcracker. Seeing the Nutcracker several years ago reignited my love for ballet, so I always have a soft spot for this one specifically.

– Perfect vegan swiss cake roll recipe

  • This vegan swiss cake roll recipe has been one that has been on the ‘to make’ list for over year and I still haven’t quite nailed it. I really want to recreate my absolute favorite Little Debbie snacks, but the results have been less than perfect so far. It’s hard because the cake portion needs to be pliable enough to roll up, but tender and sweet at the same time. I’m going to chip away at this one on those cold winter weekends when it’s acceptable to stay inside all day. I promise after winter is over this recipe will come soon!

– Bake the perfect vegan cinnamon rolls

  • I have a few cinnamon roll recipes on my site, but I still haven’t developed my own solid, plain vegan cinnamon rolls recipe yet. Luckily, I know Oh, Ladycakes has the best recipes around and has posted multiple times about these fluffy, amazing looking rolls. I think a Sunday morning with snow and cinnamon rolls sounds just about perfect to me!

– Winter trip to Door County, WI

  • While I always visit Door County every summer with my parents, I would love to see the area in the winter! A lot of the main businesses are closed and a lot of the peninsula is gone for the fall/winter season, but it feels like a perfect time to book a room with a fireplace and curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

There it is! I’m hoping that listing them out will keep me more accountable (never got through my summer bucket list!) and I hope it inspires you to make your own. I’m definitely a ‘cross things off a list’ kind of girl, so this is right up my alley and will keep me from hibernating all winter. Tell me in the comments a few of yours, I would love to hear them!