Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits- The best homemade vegan biscuits, made with olive oil and not vegan butter, creating the flakiest and fluffiest vegan biscuits!

I can honestly say that these olive oil vegan biscuits are one of the recipes that I’ve been MOST excited about in the last few weeks. Sometimes I get caught up in making crazy desserts that incorporate a million different things or techniques. when really all I want on a Saturday morning is a good ol’ biscuit slathered with jelly. These vegan biscuits were born out of the need for a biscuit that could be thrown together in time for breakfast, but don’t use gobs of vegan butter or coconut oil. (more…)

Blender Iced Vegan Matcha Latte

Iced Vegan Matcha Latte- An easy and quick blender iced vegan matcha latte, made in under 5 minutes and perfect for spring!

Back in action! Last week was kind of an unintentional blog break, between life, having too much fun during the previous weekend (i.e. I’m too old to stay up super late anymore) and the overall rain that had me feeling just blah, I’m happy to be back on the blog today sharing my favorite iced vegan matcha latte recipe. I’ve been intending to share a matcha latte recipe for some time, since it’s one of those recipes that I make so frequently that I don’t really give another (more…)

Homemade Vegan Nutter Butters

Vegan Nutter Butters- A homemade version of a childhood favorite, crisp nutter butter cookies with a sweet peanut butter filling!

Who else here vividly remembers their favorite childhood snacks? Mine were always swiss cake rolls (recipe hopefully coming one day!), goldfish crackers and nutter butters, hands down. I obviously had a sweet tooth from the start, with most of my favorites being sweets and only going (more…)