Vegan Lemon Cakes with Coconut Whip and Berries

Vegan lemon cakes with a sweet coconut whipped topping and the summer's prettiest berries!

During the summer it always feels like I have a lot of lemon desserts going on around here, but you will forgive me, right? I can’t get enough of the bright, light lemon flavors before we transition into fall, so look out for just a few more lemon centered sweets before we pull out of the sweaters for the season. I’ve had a version of these vegan lemon cakes on my mind for a couple of years now, picturing a sweet, (more…)

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Perfectly chewy vegan chocolate cherry cookies, chock full of spelt flour, dried cherries, and chocolate!

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Forgive me for two cookie recipes in one week? I figured that it would be a non-issue, but just in case it is, the ones from Sunday were breakfast cookies and these are vegan chocolate cherry cookies, so that make them totally different! In all honesty, (more…)

Vegan Lime Sugar Cookies

Vegan Lime Sugar Cookies

Vegan lime sugar cookies are the perfect way to kick off summer with a heavy dose of fresh lime in a chewy, perfect vegan sugar cookie!

It’s been a week, right? Last week felt like the longest week ever (despite it being a shorter work week) and this week seems like it’s dragging by (it’s only Tuesday?!) before my eyes. I had full intentions of sharing this recipe last Friday, especially since my coworkers were huge fans of these (more…)