Pear Bourbon Smash

A sweet and refreshing fall drink, this pear bourbon smash has mint, pear, and just a hint of maple syrup!

A sweet and refreshing fall drink, this pear bourbon smash has mint, pear, and just a hint of maple syrup!

It’ falltime and the livin’ is easy! Ok so it really still feels like summer (hi, still 90 here) and I am a little fearful that we are skipping right over fall here in the Midwest and headed straight for the wintertime blues. Yes, summer is GREAT and (more…)

Coconut and Roasted Rhubarb Smoothie

Coconut and Roasted Rhubarb Smoothie- A perfect sweet summertime smoothie, with roasted rhubarb and plenty of coconut!

Can you believe I haven’t really worked with rhubarb much until just this year (outside of the usual strawberry rhubarb crisp)? It’s always been one of those fruits that baffle me because you can’t really eat it on its own and it usually needs to be paired with something else to bring out the real taste and sweetness. For my first round of experimenting with rhubarb, I went with a sweet roasted rhubarb smoothie, (more…)

Sparkling Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Cucumber Basil Lemonade- A refreshing and hydrating summer sipper! Full of cucumbers, lemons and herbaceous basil, a perfect drink from the Kale and Caramel cookbook.

It’s absolutely no joke when I say that Lily from Kale and Caramel changed my life. She’s a bonafide beauty and a certified natural skin care aficionado who writes her blog posts like poetry and cracks open every emotion to share them with the world, all while whipping up healthy recipes and beautiful photos. I can’t actually remember how I first found Lily and her blog, most likely it was from going down an Instagram rabbit hole (more…)

Blender Iced Vegan Matcha Latte

Iced Vegan Matcha Latte- An easy and quick blender iced vegan matcha latte, made in under 5 minutes and perfect for spring!

Back in action! Last week was kind of an unintentional blog break, between life, having too much fun during the previous weekend (i.e. I’m too old to stay up super late anymore) and the overall rain that had me feeling just blah, I’m happy to be back on the blog today sharing my favorite iced vegan matcha latte recipe. I’ve been intending to share a matcha latte recipe for some time, since it’s one of those recipes that I make so frequently that I don’t really give another (more…)

Hydrating Cucumber Spinach Smoothie

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I feel like this start to the week has already flown by (seriously, where did Monday go?!) and I’m ready for a cucumber spinach smoothie and a lot of  getting things done today. It kind of feels like time sped up and it’s almost April, but there are no complaints on my end! I’m a notorious winter hater, so when spring is finally showing that it really will come back to play, I’m really ready for it. Although we haven’t had the best of weather lately (i.e. lots of rain), I will say that getting up into the 40s and 50s has been something that feels wonderful. The warmer-ish weather has gotten me thinking about smoothie, berries, and all the (more…)