Boozy Green Tea Mint Cooler

    A boozy green tea mint cooler that is perfect for capping off the end of summer blues! #drinkthesummer

    Boozy Green Tea Mint Cooler- A boozy green tea mint cooler that is perfect for capping off the end of summer blues! #drinkthesummer

    Helllooooo summertime cocktails! As the end of the month starts closing in around us (nooo!), I’m tempted to squeeze in every single summery drink and food I can think of. To start off, I bought a huge bag of sweet corn on the cob at the farmer’s market last week (if you are in Milwaukee, go here on Saturday and look for him, it’s his birthday this weekend!) and am muddling up all the mint that has taken over my poorly neglected garden. Even though my parsley leaves a lot to be desired (more…)

      Creamy Vegan Nutella Latte

        Creamy Vegan Nutella Latte - make your mornings even better with a dose of nutella in this creamy iced latte!

        Let me tell you, I am a total WUSS when it comes to caffeine. I have my one cup of coffee in the morning before work (either a blend from my hometown coffee shop or whatever local place we have around) and that’s it. No second cup of coffee, no afternoon latte, none of that jazz. I was actually off of coffee (more…)

          Strawberry Ginger Kombucha Cocktail

            A perfectly sweet and fizzy kombucha cocktail spiked with the season’s best strawberries, drink up!

            Strawberry Ginger Kombucha Cocktail- a perfectly fizzy and refreshing drink!

            Let’s talk about the first time I tried kombucha. It was summer about a year ago and it was high time for me to try it. There are at least 2 local kombucha companies in the area, so it really was turning into a have to at this point, right? Plus, it seemed like EVERYONE on the internets was trying/loving the booch, so it was my time too! I happily picked out a bottle from my local grocery store, plunked it down on the counter and went on my merry way. As I was sipping on the bubbly drink (I got a hibiscus ginger flavor), I was thinking ‘this is great! So great for me, pretty delicious, I think I”m on convert!’ Yep, I kept thinking that, until I got to the last of the bottle. (more…)

              Sweet Peach and Mint Wine Slushies

              Sweet Peach and Mint Wine Slushies

                Sweet Peach and Mint Wine Slushies//heartofabaker.comSweet Peach and Mint Wine Slushies//

                I never really realized the true value in shopping local produce until this past year. I always just kind of assumed that produce was available year around (hooray!) and if it’s cheap, why bother? When we moved to Milwaukee a few years ago, I started to realize how lucky we are to live in a place that has so many farmer’s markets, and good ones to boot. Ranging from the usual staples, to all the varieties of tomatoes you could ever want and a taco truck selling off to the side, our farmer’s markets have quite a few options.  After going to my favorite farmer’s market a few times and meeting/talking with the producers of the fruits and veggies  I was buying, I realized how much more I enjoy eating and cooking with it, rather than just picking it up from the grocery store and hoping that it’s ripe. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a very cute older gentleman who sells corn and sings the oldies while he does it, so really I go for the cute sellers and good plants. (kidding, but he is sweet!) (more…)

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