Hydrating Cucumber Spinach Smoothie

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I feel like this start to the week has already flown by (seriously, where did Monday go?!) and I’m ready for a cucumber spinach smoothie and a lot of  getting things done today. It kind of feels like time sped up and it’s almost April, but there are no complaints on my end! I’m a notorious winter hater, so when spring is finally showing that it really will come back to play, I’m really ready for it. Although we haven’t had the best of weather lately (i.e. lots of rain), I will say that getting up into the 40s and 50s has been something that feels wonderful. The warmer-ish weather has gotten me thinking about smoothie, berries, and all the (more…)

Smoked Paprika and Garlic Roasted Almonds

A savory and quick happy hour snack, garlic roasted almonds that are perfect for snacking! 

Smoked Paprika and Garlic Roasted Almonds-A savory and quick happy hour snack, garlic roasted almonds that are perfect for snacking!

Second Sunday post in a row, I’m on a roll! I’ve decided to start sharing more simple and savory recipes, partly because my body can’t keep eating desserts all the dang time (if only) and partly because, after putting out the reader survey, I’ve found that many of you want more simple, healthy recipes, which I totally understand. Hence, this easy and savory batch of garlic roasted almonds. While this will still remain a dessert blog, I will be incorporating more savory/dinner/simple recipes in too, just to vary things a bit. (more…)

Orange Matcha Smoothie

Orange and matcha come together to create a perfect cold busting matcha smoothie!

Orange Matcha Smoothie-Orange and matcha come together to create a perfect cold busting matcha smoothie!

It’s been a minute (more like 2 weeks!), right? Between the holidays, needed time to chill out and trying to get over two nasty colds, a break was well needed. I have the whole month of January already planned out, so I am excited about the recipes that are coming in the next few weeks! My goal is to start trying to incorporate more savory recipes too, since a girl can’t subsist on waffles and cake alone (much as I might try). My past self must have known that my future self was going to need this power packed matcha (more…)

Creamy Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

A creamy and dreamy vegan raspberry coconut smoothie, with a dose of cashews and the summer’s best red raspberries!

Creamy Raspberry Coconut Smoothie-4

Hello and welcome to my new favorite smoothie combo, raspberry coconut, with a hint of lemon! This raspberry coconut smoothie was really borne out of a few of the things I had leftover in my pantry, with a dash of ‘but I want it to be just a touch creamier’ and a lot of hanger (made this in a hurry on a Sunday morning!). Adding a tablespoon of cashews ups the creamy factor and makes everything (more…)

Peanut Butter Cacao Nib Oat Bites

Sweet and hearty little oat bites, with oats, filling peanut butter, and sweet cacao nibs, just like a healthy truffle!

Peanut Butter Cacao Nib Oat Bites

Confession time: I almost ate all of these oat bites before I could even photograph them, maybe even ate 6 in one day? So I really don’t need to blather on about how good these are because that should tell you everything, right there. But I will tell you that I have this habit of (more…)

Everything Soft Pretzel Knots

Everything Soft Pretzel KnotsEverything Soft Pretzel Knots

Call me crazy, but I love working with a good yeast dough. There’s just something about having that intuition in knowing if the dough is going to rise (sometimes it it’s more of a frustration feeling but, you win some you lose some) and when the dough is just right and for rolling out. Case in point, these everything soft pretzel knots for example, I actually made this dough twice. The first time I over worked the dough and realized it just wasn’t rising, no matter how many times I took a peek at it and the second, finally achieving fluffy dough success. (more…)