Waffle Party

This weekend was so full and so lovely, I can’t even start to describe how happy I was the whole dang time. Between eating, sipping on beers, and lots of inflatable beds (seriously, they were everywhere in my house), my heart and house were so full. I couldn’t be more thankful that they all took the time to travel in for a quick weekend and are coming back for our wedding in 6 months (!!). My friends are from all over the country, so I had visitors traveling in from Denver to Philadelphia and it worked out nicely that Milwaukee is right in the middle! I wanted to share the food we ate/cooked and then some of the activities we got up to as well. Let’s do it!

Waffle Party

Saturday morning we had a waffle bar for a bridal brunch/shower situation, so we went full on with toppings, syrup and pomegranate mimosas. If you are going to have a mimosa, might as well turn it pink, right? One of my best friends is gluten free, so Cookie and Kate came to the rescue with a perfect waffle recipe for her. I know the recipe has eggs, but if you have gluten free friends and want to make them waffles, this recipe was perfect! My favorite vegan waffle recipe is this one and works each and every time. We made 2 kinds of waffles and just cooked them while everyone started arriving. Earlier in the morning, my Maid of Honor and I cooked up these perfect breakfast potatoes from The Pioneer Woman (with some modifications) and another savory dish to balance out all the sweet. Later on, we munched on peanut butter chocolate rice krispie treats (sharing the recipe soon) and everyone told embarrassing stories about me (thanks guys!).



-Saturday night we had a drink at Blu before heading out for a taco dinner. Normally, this bar has amazing views of the Milwaukee skyline, but of course, it was super cloudy and foggy that night, so we saw a lot of this. Ah well!

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

-Dinner was tacos and nachos at Bel Air Cantina, which was a perfect laid back place for dinner. The endless chips and trio of salsas are really what speak to me, but you better believe tacos were still consumed too. All the girls loved this place because it offered up options for all the gluten free or vegans in the group, while being so close to home that we could drag ourselves back and fall into bed.

– Sunday brunch is definitely a thing here in Milwaukee. We don’t play around with the garnish on our bloody marys and most places are packed by 10am. Luckily, I made reservations at one of our favorite brunch places, Wolf Peach and it couldn’t have been a more perfect place to take guests. From the wood fired pizzas to the view of the city, this place was perfect for the last day of our ladies’ weekend.

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

– A couple other places we hit before all the girls flew in were Simple Cafe, Glorioso’s, and Cafe Corazon. All solid choices!


-A lot of the girls were only here for a few days, but we squeezed a lot in! There was eating (obvi) and lots of beer tasting. The Lakefront Brewery tour is the best brewery tour in Milwaukee, in my opinion. The samples are plentiful and the tour guides keep everything going and really entertaining. The tour only lasts about an hour, but they serve food so it was a perfect place to hang around for a bite to eat.

– Have you heard of mini bowling? I know what you are thinking, it’s just bowling..but smaller, right? Yes, but think much smaller, like it’s a few lanes of bowling with a bocce sized ball in a bar. I’ve heard about Koz’s Mini Bowl ever since I’ve moved here, but it exceeded all my expectations. It’s nothing fancy at all, but it’s an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a group of friends. Also, we didn’t partake, but there was a taco truck parked outside, so bowling+tacos= perfect.

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

Whew, there you have it! Here are a few more links for you, meals or things I’ve made within the last week and loved. Bon appetit!

– Ashlae’s coconut oil chocolate chip cookies were a perfect snack to have around the house in-between meals. They are crunchy, filled with chocolate and pretty easy to whip together. There is one left in my kitchen and I have a feeling it won’t last long.

– Sometimes I have a hard time finding dinner recipes my fiance and I both like, since we have different types of eating. Last week, I made a half batch of these tamale pies and they were a hit! I used a cornbread mix for the topping and subbed in a few different veggies, so it was super hearty and filling.

– I’m a sucker for stir fry and noodles, so these black pepper noodles were a perfect single lady dinner last week. I was on my own for dinner one night, so I made these and took the rest for lunch the next day.

– Curries are quickly becoming a favorite for dinner, since they are full of flavor and use up a lot of veggies that are in my crisper drawer. This green curry was perfect, easy and fast. Done and done.