Black Eyed Pea and Kale Tacos with Avocado Jalapeno Sauce

These black eyed pea and kale tacos are the perfect vegan dinner! Topped with a super easy avocado jalapeno sauce that comes together in a snap.

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How are you holding up through this cold and flu season? It seems like everyone is coming down with one form or another of a cold, the wicked flu going around, or something in between. My poor husband came down with a bout of it and I have been trying to avoid catching anything and everything for the last couple of weeks. My solution? A ginger shot from Whole Foods (tastes gross, feels like it worked!) and lots of veggie/bean heavy meals like these black-eyed pea and kale tacos! (more…)

Vegan Lemon Olive Oil Cake

A perfectly sweet and tart vegan lemon olive oil cake! Frosted with a powdered sugar glaze, this cake is bound to be your new favorite lemon dessert.

Well, the obsession with lemon desserts continues! Like I’ve mentioned before, I am HERE for everything chocolate, boozy, and sweet, but there is just something about lemon desserts that always keeps me coming back for another slice. Maybe it’s a mix of a sweet treat mixed with that tart tang of lemon, making me feel like I’m eating something refreshing and healthy-ish, even when it’s vegan lemon cake. (more…)

Spicy Vegan Black Bean Dip

A perfectly spicy vegan black bean dip, great for your next party or potluck! Chock full of black, beans, garlic, and a hefty dose of your favorite salsa.

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You know what I love most about Super Bowl weekend? Obviously, the snacks! I actually understand football about 40% more than I used to before I met my husband, but I’m not a superfan by a long shot. I can pay attention for a while, (more…)

Cola Dark Chocolate Vegan Brownies

The perfect rich, decadent dark chocolate vegan brownies, with a cola twist!

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There is always one basic-ish recipe that has always alluded me.  For a while, it was the vegan chocolate chip cookie, then it was the perfect vegan pancakes, but recently, I’ve been trying to conquer the perfect, fudgy dark chocolate vegan brownie.  I’ve tried a few renditions of vegan brownies, some coming out too cakey, other always coming out too dry, and I knew something was missing. I do already (more…)

Vegan Oat Pancakes

A filling and easy breakfast, these healthy vegan oat pancakes are the perfect way to start your day! Vegan and gluten-free.

We are officially entering into stay-inside-for-brunch season, am I right? I love love a good brunch out on the weekends as much as anyone else, but considering the temperature sometimes doesn’t get above 20 these days (brrr!) and leaving the comfort of my cozy house sounds downright terrible, sometimes we opt for brunch in instead. For the longest time, waffles were 100% my brunch jam. I finally (more…)