Sparkling Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Cucumber Basil Lemonade- A refreshing and hydrating summer sipper! Full of cucumbers, lemons and herbaceous basil, a perfect drink from the Kale and Caramel cookbook.

It’s absolutely no joke when I say that Lily from Kale and Caramel changed my life. She’s a bonafide beauty and a certified natural skin care aficionado who writes her blog posts like poetry and cracks open every emotion to share them with the world, all while whipping up healthy recipes and beautiful photos. I can’t actually remember how I first found Lily and her blog, most likely it was from going down an Instagram rabbit hole (more…)

Vegan Strawberry Curd

Vegan Strawberry Curd- A sweet and creamy vegan strawberry curd, using the best spring produce!

Back in action and it feels SO good! After traveling pretty consistently for the last month or two, I’m home for the summer (at least for now) and I’m 100% ok with it. Although I love love love traveling, sometimes it feels great to just be home and be able to spend time with our local friends or have a few lazy weekends at (more…)

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits- The best homemade vegan biscuits, made with olive oil and not vegan butter, creating the flakiest and fluffiest vegan biscuits!

I can honestly say that these olive oil vegan biscuits are one of the recipes that I’ve been MOST excited about in the last few weeks. Sometimes I get caught up in making crazy desserts that incorporate a million different things or techniques. when really all I want on a Saturday morning is a good ol’ biscuit slathered with jelly. These vegan biscuits were born out of the need for a biscuit that could be thrown together in time for breakfast, but don’t use gobs of vegan butter or coconut oil. (more…)