Quick Baking Tip: How to Easily Chop Chocolate

Want to make chopping chocolate easy and quick? Here's a quick tip for making chopping chocolate for your next baking project even easier!

Happy Sunday and welcome to a new series I’m starting around these parts! I wanted to do an additional quick post on Sundays, with a quick tip for baking that is (most likely) a time saver or patience saver or a savory/everyday recipe that I make often, but haven’t shared on the blog yet. Today’s tip is a simple, but helpful one that I’ve found saves me headaches when I’m trying to easily chop chocolate for cookies or any other baking recipe. Also, this tip works like a dream if your chocolate has been sitting in the cabinet for a while (who are you, why aren’t you eating your chocolate?!) and has gotten harder than usual.

Want to make chopping chocolate easy and quick? Here's a quick tip for making chopping chocolate for your next baking project even easier!

One of the best ways I’ve found to making chopping chocolate even easier to to warm it up slightly! I usually place my squares of chocolate on a plate or bowl and microwave it for just a few seconds, maybe 5-10 seconds at the most. I’ve also placed it in a bowl and set it next to the oven for a few minutes, if I’m preheating it for baking or have a burner on to cook something else at the same time. Heating your chocolate up just slightly makes chopping easier, since you aren’t trying to hack through chunks of hard chocolate, risking it flying all over the place or resulting in uneven pieces. Take my advice though, don’t stick it in the microwave and walk away, because you will end up with half melted chocolate and nothing to mix into your chocolate chip cookie dough.

And that’s it! Short, sweet and to the point. I hope this helps you just a little, even if you are just whipping up a batch of red wine truffles for your momma or a loaf of boozy banana bread for yourself. Happy baking!

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