We are reaching that time of year, the one where it’s just too dang hot to turn on the oven and blowdrying your hair can feel like a suffocating torture (especially if you have a tiny bathroom like I do, eek!) that you really don’t want to repeat. We’ve been pretty lucky up here in Wisconsin, skating by with the hottest days topping out at 85 and humidity behaving and staying around the ‘I can totally tolerate this’ level. But, soon enough I’m sure we will be in the same sweaty, wearing dresses everyday boat, because it seems inevitable, especially once the Fourth of July hits. Usually when this happens, I’m all about piling on the popsicle recipes and avoiding the oven at all costs. Luckily, I have a few recipes for you to beat the heat!

Sweet Cherry Mint Fruit Salad 

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


I know, fruit as dessert?! But sometimes you just need a little something lighter, you know? Also, there are times you have too much fruit in the fridge and not enough ways to use it. Solution: Poor booze on top, use that overgrown mint plant you have in the backyard, and call it a day.


Peanut Butter Dipped Chocolate Sorbet Popsicles

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


Popsicles kind of seem like a cop out, but really, who dosen’t love frozen chocolate and peanut butter plus sprinkles?! These are rich, but having them frozen means that it’s like eating a less messy ice cream cone.


Boozy Roasted Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

10 No Bake Summer Dessert Recipes


These are pretty recent too, but I had to reshare them because they are by far, one of my favorite popsicle recipes to date. I know roasting the fruit does require an oven, but if you did roast them, they would still turn out pretty awesome! Plus, BOOZY POPS.


Blueberry + Granola Breakfast Popsicles

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


These are technically called breakfast pops, but really, they are just healthier dessert pops dressed up as breakfast. Add a little more sweetener to your granola and make them extra sweet. These also technically have an oven component to them (making the granola), but if you already have the granola prepared or buy already made granola, they can come together in no time.


Crunchy Caramel Apple Crisp Ice Cream

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


Ever since my ice cream maker broke (RIP faithful maker, you did your job until I dropped you), I’ve been craving this ice cream. The idea is basically apple pie in ice cream form, with a little more crunch and a lot less pie crust making and rolling. If you make this and plop a scoop onto an actual slice of pie, you are my hero and I want to be BFFs with you, because you win.


Irish Cream Fudgesicles

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


Another addition to the boozy pops camp, this time with a cream base rather than straight up icy pop. Make sure you let these freeze overnight for a solid recult, or you could just blend everything together and go a boozy milkshake route, I could get down with that route.


Mini Banana Espresso Tarts with Maple Walnut Crust

Mini Banana Espresso Tarts with Maple Walnut Crust {No Bake}


Another recent favorite from the tart category! Amazingly enough, these just happen to come together when I was looking for a way to use up espresso powder and a few frozen bananas I had in the freezer. Make minis like the recipe calls for or make it in a large tart pan for a crowd (cookout anyone?).


Creamy Dark Chocolate Caramel Pepita Tart

Creamy Dark Chocolate Caramel Pepita Tart


Technically the crust has to bake for this one, but if you use the crust from the mini tarts above you totally have a no bake wonder! The caramel is my favorite part of this tart, super easy and fast, especially when you are in ‘Oh crap I need to make something for this cookout’ mode.


Roasted Strawberry and Lemon Ice Cream

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


I’m a fan of roasting strawberries, can you tell? While roasting them does take the flavors to another level, not roasting them is the best way to ice cream heaven. Set up a sundae bar with all the toppings if you are having guests over, everyone will love you forever. P.S. Can I come over? I’ll bring booze and help you do the dishes.


Creamy Icebox Cake with Homemade Chocolate Wafers

10 Summer No Bake Dessert Recipes


Yes, the chocolate wafers need to be made, but bake those babies up on a cool day and save them for this easy beauty! I was always intrigued by an icebox cake until I made one, now I fully understand why they are the perfect layer and freeze cake for a party.

There you have it! Some are all no bake, some have a little baking, but all are perfect for a cookout or summer dessert craving. Bon appetit!