Hi guys! It’s almost Thanksgiving again, which is actually ridiculous because I could’ve sworn it was just the 4th of July and sweltering hot. Regardless, I absolutely love the holiday season and all the food that goes with it. When I look forward to Thanksgiving meals, this is all I have to say: gimme all the sides. My plate can typically be found under mountains of mashed potatoes and casseroles, mounds of stuffing, and winding rivers of gravy and cranberry sauce.

K, now I’m drooling.

Here are 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides that you’ll absolutely need second (third and, ok fine, fourth) helpings of:

Caramelized Onion Green Bean Casserole

vegan green bean casserole on a dark plate with two forks

This classic Thanksgiving dish is a staple on my menu!! It’s mushroom free (because ew) and literally takes 15 minutes to make. The fresh green beans plus smoked paprika really and a layer of depth to the casserole.

Sweet Potato Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Thanksgiving = sweet potato szn. There are so many things I love about this one, but my favorite thing about it is I created it with my Grandma on a whim – and it’s ah-ma-zing. You can marinade this baby and let it sit, so it’s perfect to make the day before your festivities and then not worry about it!

Winter Quinoa Citrus Salad with Creamy Lemon Tahini Dressing

Two words for this winter salad: easy and hearty. Sounds magical, right? The quinoa and citrus mix with the creamy lemon tahini dressing for the perfect savory/sweet bowl. Bonus – it doubles as the most colorful side dish for an impressive Thanksgiving table spread.

Everything Vegan Dinner Rolls

Looking for the ultimate vegan dinner rolls? These are easy, quick and topped with a perfect everything topping!

It’s not Thanksgiving unless you have some rolls to soak everything up with! There’s something so warm and loving about baking rolls from scratch for your family and friends. Plus, they also serve as a great base for your leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. Win-win.

Cranberry Sweet Potato Oatmeal

If you do a Thanksgiving brunch, ‘WOW’ everyone with this Cranberry Sweet Potato Oatmeal! Sneak some veggies into your day in the tastiest way possible. Or if you don’t want to share, use up your leftovers the day after and savor Thanksgiving a little longer.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (via This Savory Vegan)

This Savory Vegan has vegan mashed potatoes and gravy that are just so fluffy and great. The secret ingredient in the gravy is a true gamechanger. If you don’t have mounds of these on your plate, you’re truly missing out. Don’t be that person.

Easy Vegan Stuffing (via Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen)

Some people say Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. Being a vegan, this is especially not true for me, but even if I wasn’t, stuffing would be at the tippy top of my list. This easy vegan stuffing from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen just nails Thanksgiving in a bite and is ready in under an hour.

Root Veggie au Gratin (via One Green Planet)

Okay, these root veggies are ALL sorts of dressed up for Thanksgiving. This dish gives you the cheesy goodness that only an au gratin dish can give you with a cashew-based sauce. So good. SO so good.

Vegan Pumpkin Mac and Cheese (via V Nutrition)

Pumpkin EVERYTHING – amiright?! Baked vegan pumpkin mac and cheese is sure to impress your Thanksgiving eaters – even the picky ones. It can also be made gluten free as well! V Nutrition puts a healthy, holiday twist on this classic comfort food.

Mulled Cranberry Sauce (via Foodology Geek)

There are two types of people at Thanksgiving – people who pour cranberry sauce over everything and people who don’t. I, for one, proudly slather my plate in the rich berry goodness because I love the savory/sweet combo.

Whatever you’re having for your Thanksgiving dinner, take in all those little moments with your loved ones and chill to the max. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for food on the table, my health, my family, friends, and those that count as both. What are you most thankful for this year?

p.s. This post is brought to you by our newest team member and copywriting expert, Anne! Anne has joined the Heart of a Baker team to help out with all things writing, marketing, and something things in between. She’s a dog mom, woo lover, and appreciates food just as much as the next girl.