Here and There

I’m back, I’m reviving these posts because I wanted to add a little more variety to the posts here! I’ll share a mix of things, from recipes I’ve made, finds on the internet and just a peek into life in general. When I was asking my friend about bringing these posts back she said ‘Um yes, yes you should do that, because I’m nosy and like to peek into other people’s lives’. Since I’m this way too, here we go!

Here and There//

Recipes I’ve made:

– Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo from Oh My Veggies

I made this for dinner this week and it’s not only super good, but really easy! Cashew based sauces can sometimes get heavy, but this one is pretty simple and is a nice base for adding more basil, tomatoes, etc. I tossed mine with penne pasta, but you can use just about any shape.

– Brownies from Dessert For Two

Last Friday I had a craving for brownies and knew I needed something fast , but not full size. Christina’s recipes are always just enough to squash a craving, but don’t leave me with a whole pan of brownies that I might/might not eat in a weekend. I just used a flax egg in place of the egg called for the in recipe and it worked perfectly!

– Vegan Chilaquiles from Minimalist Baker

I actually used a recipe from the Thug Kitchen cookbook, but this recipe from Minimalist Baker is really similar. I like that this recipe is easy to work into what you have on hand and I made it on a workday, which means it’s fast and easy. I didn’t make my own chips, but crumbled blue corn ones worked perfectly.

– Oat and Nut Date Sweetened Granola Bars from Edible Perspective

Work snacks are super important for me, especially since I work pretty early and start wanting to eat my lunch by 9am (don’t even talk to me sans snack at 2pm). These granola bars were perfect to keep at my desk at work and eat in between meals. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but it was easy to modify to what I had on hand.

Here and There//

– Between wedding planning, summer plans, and lots of visits coming up, it feels like May is going to fly by! I am so excited for all of these happenings, but do we really have to do things like clean the house and laundry in between? They just take away my cooking/eating/visiting time, right?

– We are going to Mexico for a wedding soon and I am SO excited. Bring on the drinks, buffets and beach please. I’ve never been so if you have, tell your favorite parts!

– Current TV obsessions: Grey’s  Anatomy (I know, I know the spoiler from a few weeks ago broke the world) I’ve never watched it before and I started from the beginning. So far it’s good, but I know 10 seasons is a loooong road, so I’ll see if I stick with it! I’m also sad that Mad Men is ending soon, but it’s about time, right? Other than that, I am a sucker for Bravo shows and always Chopped.

– A few of my very best friends are coming to visit soon and I couldn’t be more over the moon about it! We have plans for a waffle bar, mimosas, and lots of beers. There will be 6 girls and 1 bathroom, so we’ll see how that one goes. Basically a giant slumber party and I’m pumped.

Hope you have a great weekend! I’m off to yoga, eat tacos, and drink a few old fashioneds, in that order.

Here and There//

Here and There, Pt. 4

Here and There, Pt. 4 Here and There, Pt. 4


Oh hey there! It’s been about, 2 months since I’ve written one of these? Time has FLOWN by and I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. But I’m not really mad at that, give me alllll the mashed potatoes. Let’s catch up, ok?

The main events that have been going on are WEDDINGS! All the weddings. Ok so really only 2, but I was in them, so that makes for an extra action packed weekend. From flower arranging to last minute escort card sorting, I’ve been there and back a few times. I felt so lucky that I got to experience my two best friends getting married within a month of each other, especially since we all live so far apart. That being said, I’m glad my own wedding isn’t for another year or so,  so we all have time to recover from the wedding madness. (BTW, I have a place to get married, it’s so pretty and I love it!). One of the pictures above is from the first wedding I was in, which took place in Silverthorne, Colorado, basically the prettiest place I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to go back!

Along with all this busyness I’ve been lacking on the creation of new recipes, buuut that means my list of ‘to make’ recipes is growing longer and longer, so I’ll be rolling those out so soon. Is it ok to make key lime pie, even though it might snow in the not-so-distant future? Please say yes. I’m also dreaming about pretzel wrapped veggie dogs and some kind of bars that have pretzels, fudge and peanut butter, but I’m still working that one out in my head.

This edition is short and sweet, but here are a few of the recipes I made over the past couple of months, in case you missed them!

– Have you seen the start of my Kitchen DIY series? This post is the most popular so far!

– This smoothie is more tropical feeling, but I always seem to have the ingredients on had, so it seems like I’m making it at least once a week.

– Are you a major chocolate lover like me? These are the and so easy, on the real.

– Sometimes I wake up late and make recipes that should be saved for a lazy Sunday (because I just can’t help it), these biscuits were worth the time/not really getting ready properly. I took them to a food blogger potluck a few weeks ago and they were a hit!

– Last but not least, I’m super nosy and like to know what other people are reading, especially when it comes to cookbooks. Here are a few of my recent favorites, tell me yours!

Until next time, have a happy Tuesday!

Here and There, Pt. 4


P.S. One of my best friends had a photobooth at her wedding and it was the single greatest thing I’ve done at a wedding, so naturally, I rushed to book one for our wedding too!

Here and There, Pt. 3

Here and There, Pt. 3

No food today, just a few bits and pieces from the last few weeks that I thought I would share! This past weekend we took a mini trip to Iowa for a few minor league baseball games and checked out the Iowa State Fair. I though other state fairs were large, but this one takes the cake. There were more food vendors than you could shake a veggie corndog stick at and even a cow (more…)

Here and There, Pt. 1



Let’s get with something different today, ok? I have a cake recipe coming, but I wanted to share a little bit of what has been going on lately and tell you what’s up, cool? Let’s do this!


1. I went to Miami for Blog Her a few weeks back and loved hanging out with Phi and Karis the whole weekend. Although I’m not sure if Miami is somewhere I would want to live, I loved being able see the city with someone who already lives there. Between meeting bloggers I only knew over the internet and all the snacks (!), it was a full and fun weekend!


2. I finally joined this century and got a smart phone! I’m still working out how much I want to get sucked into it and all the things it can do, but tell me, what are your favorite apps? I’m all ears!

3. I’m growing a small vegetable garden and am kind of winging it here. I have peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and various herbs. Any tips and tricks for these? I’m afraid I will forget about therm/kill them unless I do something special with them. I need help from you green thumbs!


4. I love discovering new places around Milwaukee that I haven’t seen in the 2 years since we’ve lived here. A few of these pictures were from Villa Terrace Garden, which overlooks the lake. It is a gorgeous space and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon when the weather is nice. I really want to go back again when all the flowers are planted (we went the day before they started planting, womp womp!).


5. I’m making a lemon cake for my BFF’s bridal shower in July and am using this as inspiration. We are both suckers for sprinkles and I love the look of all the colors against the vanilla frosting. I’ll need to test that cake recipe a few times, right? Always more cake.


6. Finally, I’m going to be adding a tab up top of the blog here with my favorite Milwaukee recommendations. I’ve gotten a few requests from readers on favorites vegan eats in Milwaukee and I think it would be a great way to show all the wonderful there are to eat in MKE. Keep an eye out for it!



Until next time, thanks for reading and piecing together my ramblings, I’ll be back with that cake recipe soon!