Hi there! I’m over at my lovely friend Dianna’s blog The Kitchen Prep, guest posting for Ice Cream Social Week, hooray!! My contribution involves booze, chocolate and cherry ice cream, so scoot on over there and check it out. (Here is the link!) Also, there is a giveaway happening for this ice cream event, so make sure you get into that too!

Cherry Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream has long been a favorite in my house, from licking a cone clean during the summer at my favorite
custard stand (pre-vegan days) to trying my hand at making ice cream at home in the recent months, it
seems like I always have ice cream in the works or on the brain. A year or so I ago I finally splurged on
an ice cream maker, envisioning weekends filled with homemade coconut milk ice cream and adding in
fresh berries as the summer progressed. Unfortunately, I ended up dropping my ice cream maker and
had to send it to the small kitchen appliance graveyard, ack! On the other hand, now I have extra room
for more kitchen gadgets and have to find other ways to satisfy my homemade ice cream cravings.