I know as well as you do that Christmas crept up on us this year, right? Between getting engaged, being in two of my best friend’s weddings and just life in general, this year has been pretty dang exciting. Although I am really excited for what next year  is going to bring (wedding! vacations! more weddings!), we have to get through this year’s Christmas first. I am usually a huge planner when it comes to most things, but for some reason, Christmas gifts give me trouble. If I think of a brilliant idea months in advance, I’m totally set to go, but for the harder to buy for crowd, I just get stumped. For all the gifts that I get stumped on, I always turn to food. This year, for my fiance, I gifted him food for both his birthday and Christmas, and I never hear any complaining, so it seems to be a solid choice. So, if you are running on that last minute gifting or still stuck on that hard to buy for person, here are a few last minute ideas for last minute gifting!

Last Minute Kitchen DIY Gifts//heartofabaker.com

Infusing sugar is probably one of the easiest/most impressive things you can gift to someone, these vanilla bean and cocoa mint sugars are two of my favorite so far.

Homemade candy is a.) easy and b.) delicious, so why wouldn’t you wrap that up and put a batch of apple cider caramels under the tree?

Don’t be buying that imitation vanilla extract, making your own is super easy and ten times more amazing!

If someone thinks gifting homemade sprinkles is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I might be in the minority, but if someone gave me a jar of fancy homemade peanut butter this year, I would most likely just invite them to be my BFF. Throw chocolate chips or any other awesome add-ins to a jar of this peanut butter and it just got fancy.

Truffles are easy/fancy looking/always accepted under the Christmas tree.

A bag of your favorite coffee+ peppermint creamer=a coffee lover’s dream gift.

I don’t really need to explain why banana bread granola is a good idea, right?

Finally, a batch of spicy garlic pecans and a nice bottle of booze would set us into the end of the year the right way, snacks and drinks in hand.

I’ll be back next week with new recipes, enjoy the holidays!