It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The site switchover to the new name finally happened and I couldn’t be happier! It’s been a long road, with a lot of deciding what should stay/go/ and everything else in between. I’m so thankful to the guys over at Envy Creative for making this a smooth and easy process. When I first went to them with not only a site design project, but also a huge redirect process with the whole domain change, Nick was totally on board and quick to jump in and ease my fears about links being broken or redirects not happening. (BTW, if you find any links that aren’t going anywhere or are broken, please let me know!). He also took the jumble of blogs that I showed him for inspiration and turned it into a beautiful new site. I’m so excited for the new design, so let’s take a look around!

If you take a look up top, the menu has changed a bit, but it’s now so much easier to use! Once you start scrolling down, the menu stays at the top, so if you want to navigate to a different page, it’s already right there waiting. There is also a search function up there too, to make searching around the site easier and faster. I mainly did this because I hate when I have to search for the search function on a site! As always, the contact form is still an easy to fill out kind of deal, so if you need me, just fill it out and it will come right to my inbox.

menu 2

Moving onto one of my favorite things, the recipe index! One of the things that I love most about the site is that the whole watercolor theme from the logo (her website is impressive, if you need a logo reach out to her, she’s amazing!) is taken throughout the site. From the sidebar picture to the pictures in the recipe index, all of the little details from the watercolor are throughout the whole site and I LOVE it! I may be tinkering with the index here soon, but for now, it’s much more organized and easier to navigate. I’m also taking on the project of making sure all of my posts (even the ones with old pictures) are categorized and up to snuff with SEO, so pretty soon all of the recipes with be easy to find.

menu 3

Now let’s go back to the sidebar, which is pretty much the same, but cleaned up a bit so there isn’t as much ‘stuff’ going on over there. You can still sign up for e-mail updates and search around the site, plus easily follow the blog on Instagram, so really, the most important things! Social media buttons are above the e-mail sign ups too, which will all be updated soon. The RSS feed and e-mail template are in the process of being updated, so there may still be a few places where the new name and old name don’t match. Let me tell you, you never realize how many places your blog name is until you have to change it EVERYWHERE. Oy vey!

Last but certainly not least, I want to give a HUGE thank you to you, the readers! I was nervous/excited/weirdly calm at the same time about this changeover and it’s gone even better than I could imagine. I’ve gotten so much support and so many good vibes from the blogging community and it’s been wonderful to know that I have so many internet/real life friends who are supportive and willing to help out during such a big change. To thank all of you for all the awesome support you’ve given, I’m teaming up with my favorite vanilla company, Rodelle for a giveaway! The giveaway includes vanilla beans, cocoa powder and vanilla extract, which are all my absolute favorite things from Rodelle. I use vanilla extract by the gallon it seems and Rodelle’s is perfect, each and every time. Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below, giveaway ends on March 30th. Good luck! xoxo


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