Homemade Vegan Nutella

Homemade Vegan Nutella

Hazelnuts and dates are blended together to make sweet homemade vegan Nutella. Perfect spread on toast, used in donuts, and more!

Homemade Vegan Nutella in a jar

When I studied abroad in Australia, my roommates and I were notorious for eating copious amounts of Nutella on just about everything we were given. Breakfast was a piece of toast slathered very (VERY) thickly with the chocolate hazelnut spread, and sometimes we maybe even plopped some right into our bowls of oatmeal, to the horror of our host family. A lot of Aussies just didn’t understand why we Americans were nuts over Nutella, especially since our host brothers thought it was ‘too sweet.’ Excuse me, what does that even mean?! (more…)

Chocolate-Filled Vegan Croissants

Chocolate-Filled Vegan Croissants

Chocolate-filled vegan croissants made with coconut oil and no butter are the ultimate vegan pastry. Enjoy for breakfast or as a mid-day snack!

chocolate vegan croissants

They are HERE. These chocolate vegan croissants have been months in the making. Between multiple trials of the recipe, testing out a few different methods, and using a lot of coconut oil, this is the vegan croissant recipe you have been waiting for (or at least the one I have).

I started testing this recipe some time ago, thinking that I would totally get it up on the blog earlier. NOPE. (more…)

Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Coffee Cake

Vegan salted caramel chocolate coffee cake recipe that is light, fluffy and SO perfect for your next brunch! Topped with vegan caramel sauce and made with a quick yeast dough recipe.

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Are you a crumbly cake like coffee cake person or are you a yeast coffee cake that is kinda like bread person? For the LONGEST time, I thought I was just very meh on coffee cake. I mainly always just wanted the streusel topping and middle part where there’s always a lot a cinnamon sugar, which is basically coffee cake gold, IMO! But now, I’m totally a bread like coffee cake convert. It seems a little different and weird, but when you’re digging through chunks of chocolate and a caramel drizzle for breakfast, you’re going to turn into a believer too!


Vegan Strawberry Jam Bars

So easy and perfectly sweet! These vegan strawberry jam bars have a perfect crispy crumble topping and super healthy strawberry jam filling. The perfect afternoon snack or healthy dessert!

strawberry jam bars on a wire rack
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Happy ‘we’re so close to summer I can feel it and it feels SO GOOD!’. We’re reaching that time of year where the threat of snow is (almost) gone and the sun shines more days than it doesn’t. Boy, does that feel GREAT! Since it’s been warmer around these parts, I’m dreaming about baking up allll things strawberry.