Ginger Maple Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi there! I’m back into town after a long weekend in Denver and I’m hitting the ground running. I had a wonderful weekend of spending time with dear friends, meeting new ones, and overall just eating ALL the good things Denver has to offer. I’m hoping to go back again this summer after my friend has her baby, so I will write up a guide of what I’ve done over the years after that trip! Now, onto the good stuff.

There’s no new recipe today, but I am going to ask you for a quick favor that will take under a minute (promise!) and will help me out tremendously. I really want to make sure the content I’m pushing out here is the best and most helpful possible, so if you could take just a minute to complete a quick reader survey, I would so appreciate it! I mainly want to know what you are looking for from this space and how I can combine my passion with that to create some really great content. In addition to the survey, Rodelle┬áis graciously going to giveaway a baking prize pack to one lucky winner!

At the end of the survey, pop your email into the last box and you will be entered to win. The giveaway ends on January 31st at 9am CST and I promise I’m not going to take your email and do anything with it, I just need it in case you win! Rodelle has been an amazing partner over the last couple years and I’ve primarily been baking with their vanilla and cocoa powder lately. A big thank you everyone who comes here and to read my anecdotes and stories every few days, I’m so grateful to each and every one of you.