Who is ready for some marathon holiday baking/hot chocolate sipping (peppermint smirnoff not optional)/edible gift giving? I am! I don’t usually go totally nuts around the holidays, but enough that I need to give away a lot of cookies (hello, if you live near me you should stop by for a box of cookies!), which is totally fine with me because I love giving treats to people. I’ve found that when I need to prep for a big baking event or am baking for a crowd, making and freezing dough is a lifesaver. Oftentimes, with vegan cookies, freezing the dough or letting it chill out gives you a better result, so freeze away! Also, if I’m going to be baking a lot and need to stock up on supplies, GFS has HUGE bags of chocolate chips that happen to be vegan (and cheap!)and Aldi always has solid baking essentials like baking soda, flours, etc. Sometimes I can even find ground flax seed and agave nectar at Aldi too, which is a really big score since it’s way cheaper there than it is elsewhere. In other marathon baking advice; don’t forget to set a timer, always give yourself more than enough time, and eat at least a cookie for every batch you make (quality control, obviously).

Vegan Holiday Baking Roundup // heartofabaker.com

Looking for a cookie that is a good take-home gift for guests after too much holiday boozing (this happened to me)? These chocolate dipped waffle cookies are the best cure for a late night snack and if you have leftover sugar cookie dough.

Can’t decide between oatmeal or peanut butter cookies? You don’t have to with these perfectly crisp peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. I also talk about being in 4-H in this post, so have fun reading about that!

These are newer to the blog, but a good gingerbread cookie is essential for the holidays. It’s up to you if you want to make them into little men or regular cookie shape! I also wouldn’t be against cat shaped cookies either.

These no-oil chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite cookie recipe from the blog to date. Chocolate chip cookies seem to satisfy any craving and solve any problem, right?

Speaking of favorite cookie recipes, this cut-out sugar cookie recipe one comes in at a close second for one of my favorite creations on the blog. I replaced butter with cashew cream and the results were beyond what I could have expected. Sprinkle on your own homemade vanilla bean infused sugar for extra Martha Stewart points.

Have you ever had a potluck dinner with a group of food bloggers? They BRING it. I brought these toasted coconut and chocolate espresso cookies as a contribution on a blogger weekend trip last spring and they were a hit, so much so that I had to make two batches, one to keep at home and one to take with me.

The cookies that look like the most fun are these funfetti sugar cookies. Extra points if you make your own sprinkles (going to post a tutorial on making homemade Christmas sprinkles next week!)

How would you feel if you received a pan of cinnamon rolls for Christmas? Awesome, right? Gift these brown sugar banana and toasted almond cinnamon rolls to your favorite people and they will love you forever, promise. Use disposable pans so you don’t have to go tracking people down for your nice pie pans!

Usually I pass on snickerdoodles because they lack a very important ingredient…chocolate! Never fear, chocolate chip snickerdoodles are the perfect solution to that problem.

Holidays are for putting booze in things! Chocolate Bailey’s icebox cookies take booze, put it in cookies and call it a night.

Baking bread is one of my absolute favorite weekend activities. If that bread has chocolate swirled in and comes out in a pretty braid shape like this dark chocolate cinnamon babka? Even better!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include brownies in a baking roundup! Swirl peanut butter and jam into brownies and they practically qualify as breakfast, right?

Creme brulee AND cookies? It’s a dream cookie.

Last but not least, I don’t think anyone would turn down a homemade Twinkie, especially since it includes coconut whipped cream filling.

Happy baking!

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