Grab your granola! Wondering what the best vegan yogurt is? We did the hard work for you! 

Best Vegan Yogurt Taste TestBest Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

Whenever someone talks about giving up dairy, there is always one thing that they say ‘But I could never give up {insert thing here like cheese/yogurt/etc.}’. For me, I’m still working on the cheese thing (it’s really hard to find a cheese substitute!) and for others it might be milk or ice cream. When my BFF Kath said she was thinking about giving up/backing off on dairy a bit, she also mentioned that yogurt would be something that she dearly missed with her morning breakfast if she went cold turkey on dairy. Between So Delicious and Kite Hill, plus all the others that are out there, I knew there were plenty of viable non dairy yogurts on the market, so I proposed a taste test! Kath came to visit Milwaukee last week, so we took the chance to buy ALL the vegan yogurts at Whole Foods, lay them out with some granola, and do a good ol’ taste test.

Best Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

There weren’t really any criteria for these, it was mainly crack it open, take a scoop and then write down first impressions of the vegan yogurt. Mainly we went for flavor/mouthfeel, but then took into account how it tasted when you added toppings or kept trying it after the initial bite. The one thing we found rang true across all of the vegan yogurts was that the really sharp tang that is characteristic in regular yogurt didn’t translate across the their non-dairy counterparts. For the most part, this was ok since the flavor of the yogurts made up for any lack of tang-iness. We also elected to taste the vanilla flavor of each brand across the board, with the exception of one greek style yogurt that only came in blueberry. I broke out the yogurts we tasted and made a few notes, but the winners are all the way at the bottom. This is by no means a fully comprehensive list/taste test, especially since we basically went with what Whole Foods had and I know there are more brands out there. Yogurt on!

Best Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

So Delicious Greek Style Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt– Like I noted above, we actually tasted the blueberry version of this greek style yogurt. This was the first one we tasted and it was kind of meh out of the gate. The taste was fruity and coconutty, but the real issue was with the texture, which left an almost waxy feeling in the mouth. I think I went back a couple times to try this one, but each time felt like it wasn’t something I would buy again. I did use up the remainder of it in a smoothie and it worked well, but not our favorite!

Nancy’s Cultured Soy Yogurt– Remember in the intro when I said the tang factor was missing from a lot of the yogurts we tasted? This one was the yogurt that actually did have quite a bit of tang, which in part due to the cultured part of the yogurt making process. Many of the others were made with probiotics or other things that gave a little tang, but this one went through a normal culturing process that upped the tang game significantly. The downside to this one is that as soon as we popped the lid open we looked at each other and went ‘uhhhhh?’ and made a face. The yogurt starts out as a solid clump in the container and needs to be stirred significantly until it becomes somewhat smooth. It also still was somewhat chunky after continued stirring, so I would say the texture was the downside to this soy yogurt. Otherwise, the vanilla flavor came through really nicely and it did have the usual yogurt tang to it.

Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt– If you recall, I’m already a big fan of not only eating, but baking with this almond milk based yogurt. Kath was surprised to see that there was even an almond milk yogurt on the market, so that was a game changer for someone who is getting used to the coconut based products or not into the soy aftertaste. I personally can’t say enough good things about this one, between the vanilla flavor, vanilla flecks in the yogurt and smooth texture, I buy this one for myself on the regular. This yogurt did have a tangy flavor to it, checking a lot of the boxes in looking for a fulfilling non-dairy yogurt. It does have an almond flavor, so if you aren’t into that this isn’t the yogurt for you. We tasted this yogurt towards the end and it came out as a definite favorite!

Stonyfield Organics O’Soy Yogurt– This soy based yogurt was one that we tasted initially, weren’t sure about, but as we went back for more it began to grow on us. The downside is the amount of sugar it has (I think 21 grams, eek!), so that’s probably what was redeeming it over time. This yogurt did have an almond/vanilla flavor but it struck a little on the fake side, rather than the whole vanilla flavor a few others had. When we added muesli to this one it improved a lot, but I wouldn’t probably buy it again due to the amount of sugar and the initial blah feeling we had about it when we first tasted. I used the leftovers in a smoothie and it was delicious, but wouldn’t probably buy again.

Coconut Grove Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt– This one. Ohhh boy. We peeled back the lid to taste this cultured coconut yogurt and it first glance it was kind of weird looking. The texture was sort of jelly-like and wobbly, plus it didn’t really get better even when stirred. I think we both went in for one taste on this one and then promptly moved on because it just wasn’t what we were looking for at ALL. My notes also say ‘geltainous and watery, not even trying to taste like yogurt or vanilla’. That basically sums it up. I wouldn’t recommend this one and I don’t think I even saved the leftovers for a smoothie (also, there is a sad face drawn next to the notes soo, that about says it)

So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt– You know how they say to save the best for last? That was right on the money with this one! I’ve worked with So Delicious in the past and consistently buy their products (including yogurt), so I knew I liked this one from the get go. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up against the others, but it turned out to be one of the best of the bunch. Between the smooth texture, solid vanilla flavor and slight (but not too much) coconut taste, this was the clear winner of the group! Kath is getting used to coconut, so I wasn’t sure how she would feel about this one, but it ended up being just enough coconut flavor without overpowering the whole yogurt taste. We both went back for more of this one and right after tasting it, deemed it the clear winner.

Best Vegan Yogurt Taste Test

Best of

For a quick recap, here are our favorites! We ranked them according to taste, texture, amount of tang and overall likeness to dairy yogurt.

  1. So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt
  2. Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt
  3. Stonyfield O’Soy Yogurt
  4. Nancy’s Cultured Soy Yogurt
  5. So Delicious Greek Style Coconut Yogurt
  6. Coconut Grove Cultured Coconut Yogurt (just don’t even with this one)

Overall, it was interesting to taste a few yogurts side by side to compare soy with coconut versus the almond milk one versus what does/doesn’t have tang and which ones had the most flavor or sugar. Overall, I’m probably sticking with the Kite Hill or So Delicious flavors, since I’ve consistently liked those and they go well in smoothies too. This is just two opinions, so if you have any others that you’ve tried, tell me!

Best Vegan Yogurt Taste Test