Homemade Herb and Onion Bagels

Homemade Herb and Onion Bagels

Make brunch even better with a batch of homemade herb and onion bagels! Homemade vegan bagels are easy and perfectly fluffy.

herb and onion bagels with cream cheese

Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never made homemade bagels before? While it’s bee on my ‘to bake’ list for forever, I just never got around to the process of making onion bagels until this past weekend. Between the kneading, rising, and boiling process, some people might think it takes too much time, but I find it downright meditative. Forcing myself to commit to one activity for an entire afternoon has proven to be an exercise in patience, especially since I know one wrong move or trying to juggle too many cooking projects at once could result in a batch of over proofed bagels. (more…)

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits

These are the best homemade vegan biscuits. They’re made with olive oil and not vegan butter, creating the flakiest and fluffiest vegan biscuits!

Olive Oil Vegan Biscuits with jam

I can honestly say that these olive oil vegan biscuits are one of the recipes that I’ve been MOST excited about in the last few weeks. Sometimes I get caught up in making crazy desserts that incorporate a million different things or techniques. when really all I want on a Saturday morning is a good ol’ biscuit slathered with jelly.

These vegan biscuits were born out of the need for a biscuit that could be thrown together in time for breakfast, but don’t use gobs of vegan butter or coconut oil. (more…)

Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Bread

An easy and sweet vegan lemon poppyseed bread, comes together in one bowl and is bursting with fresh lemon flavor!

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If there is one thing that divides my husband and I, it’s love/lack of love for lemon desserts, like this sweet, light lemon poppyseed bread. I’m a total lover of lemon everything, in fact, I used to suck on lemons as a child (who knows why) and I almost love lemon desserts as much as I love chocolate ones. My husband, (more…)

Chocolate Vegan Danish Braid

Vegan Chocolate Danish Braid- A perfectly tender and sweet vegan danish braid, with a rich chocolate filling!

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If there’s anything I learned from asking you, my lovely readers to tell me about yourself, it’s that you all want good, tasty desserts that don’t take a lot of time to make and don’t require crazy amounts of skills to bake. You have been heard! I started out brainstorming this chocolate vegan danish braid because it’s always been on my ‘to-bake’ list. While I’ve done the usual loaves of bread and make more than my fair share of homemade pizza crusts, I hadn’t quite tackled (more…)

Everything Vegan Dinner Rolls

Everything Vegan Dinner Rolls

Looking for the ultimate vegan dinner rolls? These are easy, quick and topped with a perfect everything topping!

vegan dinner rolls on plate

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After a heavy and intense week last week, I decided to ease myself back into the recipe testing routine and started in a good place—with carbs. I’ve been on the hunt for a quick and easy vegan dinner rolls recipe for the last year or so, ever since I made a small Thanksgiving dinner last year. I searched around for a while (like weeks) (more…)