Vegan Chocolate Shortbread

Easy, buttery and SO GOOD. Vegan chocolate shortbread is the best vegan cookie out there, hands down! Baked using almond flour, dark chocolate, and olive oil for that perfectly buttery shortbread taste, without the butter.

stack of chocolate shortbread with melted chocolate in bowl and cut up shortbread

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If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know that I’ve been trying SO HARD to conquer vegan macarons. I went through 5 trials, lots of 90 degree days, and SO many frustrated exclamations after pulling a tray of them out of the oven. My original plan was to conquer a vegan macaron recipe that ANYONE could make and find a way to make it way easier and less temperamental than all the other recipes out there. Turns out, that’s WAY easier said than done, and I need to let the recipe just chill for a bit before I jump back into testing it again. BUT, the good news is that I actually ended up making the best vegan chocolate shortbread I’ve ever come across and it is 10/10 way easier than macarons! Worth almost pulling out my hair and losing my mind over recipe testing? I think so. (more…)

Vegan Granola Trail Mix Cookies

Vegan Granola Trail Mix Cookies

Vegan Granola Trail Mix Cookies are the ULTIMATE upgrade to your chocolate chip cookie! Packed full of chocolate granola, dried cherries, and chocolate chips.

cookies on blue background with bags of granola

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You know how trail mix is GREAT for traveling and road trips and everything else in between? Buuuut, there are also parts of trail mix that I really don’t care for (I’m looking at you pretzels and peanuts) and ones that I like way more; i.e. chocolate! So, let’s just take all the good parts of trail mix, throw in some super delicious granola, and make them into granola trail mix COOKIES. I mean, could there be a better grab and go snack? (more…)

Vegan Cherry Crumble Bars

It’s absolutely NO secret that if you’re in the Midwest in the summertime, cherry is the name of the game! Vegan cherry crumble bars are the PERFECT combo of sweet, crunchy, easy, and packed full of cherry goodness. Kind of like vegan cherry pie, but in a much easier to make and eat crumble bar form!

cherry crumble bars with oats and knife

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If there’s one thing that I will NEVER ever quit doing in the’s baking! It might be 95 degrees out and 80 degrees in our very old, but very cute house and I’m still going to be cranking up the oven to make pizza on Friday nights and bake cookies as an after dinner treat. Thankfully, (more…)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Cereal Bars

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It’s my birthday week and I’ll eat ALL the chocolate and peanut butter that I want to! Ok, I actually haven’t had THAT many sweets yet this week (mostly a lot of fries), but don’t worry my birthday cake recipe is coming later this week and ohhhh is it GOOD. In the meantime, I am ALL about these no-bake vegan cereal bars right now because they come together in 15 minutes, don’t need ot turn on the oven (hello old house with no AC), and are SO EASY! Like, throw everything together and pop it in the freezer so it’s ready for a cookout later, kind of easy.


Whole Wheat Vegan Blondies

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Please just make me a promise that you are going to heat up one of these vegan blondies and top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ASAP. Deal? Great. Glad we took care of that important business.

Whole Wheat Vegan Blondies on plate

Vegan blondies have been on my ‘to-make’ list for years. I actually don’t eat them ALL the often, but it’s mainly because I just haven’t found a recipe that I REALLY love yet. I’ve slowly worked my way through a baking book and turning the basic baking recipes in vegan versions, without any weird ingredients in them (more…)

The BEST Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

The BEST Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Ok, let’s just TALK about how many tries these vegan peanut butter cookies took me. I’ve been looking for a recipe that is just straight up peanut butter cookies, no almond butter, no other stuff, and something that I can throw together in a SNAP when I get that hardcore cookie craving. I found the perfect cookie in these, with a perfectly crispy, chewy outside and a super soft, peanut butter-y inside that feeds that inner peanut butter lover in me.

The BEST vegan peanut butter cookies are perfectly soft and full of SO much peanut butter goodness! They also come together in less than 30 minutes.