Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a checking in post, so it’s about time. It seemed like it was just June and Β I was just getting into the swing of the whole summer thing. Now, we are looking at the end of summer coming up (Noooo!!) and fall quickly approaching. We are having kind of an ‘oh crap’ moment and knocking wedding to-dos off the list left and right, so I’m feeling pretty arm flexing muscle emoji over here. Now, let’s get to the things that I’ve been loving and cooking lately!

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

– I’m still finding my dinner groove with using up all the summer produce, but vegetable fritters seem to be a perfect way to use up the loads of zucchini I picked up from the farmer’s market. These were an absolute hit for dinner and I couldn’t stop eating them right out of the pan!

– Breakfast! I tend to get into ruts when it comes to breakfast foods. A few weeks ago and it was all toast, all the time, and during the winter I hit the hash browns pretty hard. Current obsession: seedy maple granola from my girl Sara at Cake Over Steak. I added in dried cherries and coconut after it was all baked, so I used it as a clean out the pantry kind of thing. Add almond milk and enjoy!

– Iced tea! I have all these gorgeous peaches and can’t use them up fast enough, so I modified this Thug Kitchen recipe, added peaches and voila! Iced drinks for dayz.

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

– Less of a recipe and more of a ‘something I can’t live without’: frozen brown rice. For some odd reason, I have an issue cooking rice properly, so finding frozen brown rice was an absolute lifesaver. It also makes it much easier for me to just throw together dinner and have rice ready in a few minutes. I might add soy sauce and sriracha and eat as a snack from time to time, is that weird?

– One of the best parts of wedding planning? CAKE. I went back and forth about what we wanted to do, but finally we decided on getting red velvet cake from an amazing local cafe and bakeryΒ in our neighborhood, which also happens to make delicious vegan and gluten free cakes. If anything is important, you know it’s the cake.

– The next big project on my baking to-d0 list is puff pastry or crossaints. After reading this tip about partially freezing olive oil, I think I’ve found the secret to making them work for vegans. Keep your fingers crossed!

– On one last note, vegan paneer? Swoon. Gena knows her vegan cooking inside and out!

Here and There//heartofabaker.com

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to a baseball game and hopefully trying out a cupcake recipe involving raspberry cream cheese frosting. Yes! Soak up the sun and just live that summer life.