How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream

How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream

Looking for the absolute EASIEST way for how to make coconut whipped cream?! This is IT! Get perfect results each and every time, ready to top your next batch of brownies or a bowl of beautiful summer berries. 

coconut cream on a spoon

Coconut whipped cream = LIFE.

Okay, maybe this is old news/a very bold statement, but have you jumped on the vegan coconut whipped cream bandwagon?! Ever since I read about it being a pretty much perfect stand-in for the old faithful whipped cream, I’ve been OBSESSED. (more…)

How to Make Homemade Cashew Milk

An easy and fast homemade cashew milk! Only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes is all it takes to make the best vegan homemade cashew milk.

homemade cashew milk

Creating the perfect unsweetened cashew milk

I’m here to tell you that I’ve done the testing, and I’ve found the creamiest, easiest, and fastest way to make your own homemade cashew milk, without the soaking time! I did quite a bit of testing a few years back on the best homemade non-dairy milks and the results were mixed. Oat milk came in with a solid ‘no’ (too slimy), pistachio milk was too specific tasting (does that even make sense?), and almond milk is always a good standby, but it seems to go way too quickly. (more…)

Last Minute Kitchen DIY Gifts

Last Minute Kitchen DIY Gifts

I know as well as you do that Christmas crept up on us this year, right? Between getting engaged, being in two of my best friend’s weddings and just life in general, this year has been pretty dang exciting. Although I am really excited for what next year  is going to bring (wedding! vacations! more weddings!), we have to get through this year’s Christmas first. I am usually a huge planner when it comes to most things, but for some reason, Christmas gifts give me trouble. If I think of a brilliant idea months in advance, I’m totally set to go, but for the harder to buy for crowd, I just get stumped. For all the gifts that I get stumped on, I always turn to food. This year, for my fiance, I gifted him food for both his birthday and Christmas, and I never hear any complaining, so it seems to be a solid choice. So, if you are running on that last minute gifting or still stuck on that hard to buy for person, here are a few last minute ideas for last minute gifting!

Last Minute Kitchen DIY Gifts//

Infusing sugar is probably one of the easiest/most impressive things you can gift to someone, these vanilla bean and cocoa mint sugars are two of my favorite so far.

Homemade candy is a.) easy and b.) delicious, so why wouldn’t you wrap that up and put a batch of apple cider caramels under the tree?

Don’t be buying that imitation vanilla extract, making your own is super easy and ten times more amazing!

If someone thinks gifting homemade sprinkles is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I might be in the minority, but if someone gave me a jar of fancy homemade peanut butter this year, I would most likely just invite them to be my BFF. Throw chocolate chips or any other awesome add-ins to a jar of this peanut butter and it just got fancy.

Truffles are easy/fancy looking/always accepted under the Christmas tree.

A bag of your favorite coffee+ peppermint creamer=a coffee lover’s dream gift.

I don’t really need to explain why banana bread granola is a good idea, right?

Finally, a batch of spicy garlic pecans and a nice bottle of booze would set us into the end of the year the right way, snacks and drinks in hand.

I’ll be back next week with new recipes, enjoy the holidays!

Toasted Millet and Pecan Granola (Gluten-Free)

Toasted Millet and Pecan Granola (Gluten-Free)

I know I was totally on the dessert and cookie train for a while, but it’s time to switch gears to breakfast! Last year, I posted a granola recipe that would be perfect for gifting and just straight up eating, but what about the gluten-free mamma jammas in your life? I never really had anyone close to me who has a gluten allergy until fairly recently. My dear friend Danielle, who I lived with while studying abroad in Australia, recently found out she has a severe gluten allergy. While I don’t see Danielle as often as I would like (hello distance from WI to PA!), we do talk often about what is gluten free and what she can substitute for certain desserts. I know that I can text her and say ‘Is [insert food here] gluten free? I have no clue!’ and she will tell me without judging my lack of gluten knowledge. I mean, come one, after you live/travel/attend school with someone for a few months, you’ve seen a lifetime of things to laugh at them for, so this is totally minor.

Toasted Millet and Pecan Granola (Gluten Free)//heartofabaker.comToasted Millet and Pecan Granola (Gluten Free)//

I started out with using millet because I picked up a bag at Whole Foods because, I don’t know, it seemed like something I should try, right? Plus, after getting Super Natural Every Day from Heidi, I knew I needed to  pick up millet to make a variation on one of her muffin recipes. Not being sure how to make a super hard grain into granola, I cooked the millet first, then mixed up the granola and baked it. I have seen variations where the millet is just soaked first, not cooked, so that’s an option too. Make this for yourself or gift it to your favorite gluten free friend!

Toasted Millet and Pecan Granola (Gluten Free)//thefrostedvegan.


Kitchen DIY: Homemade Vegan Sprinkles

Kitchen DIY: Homemade Vegan Sprinkles

Homemade Vegan Sprinkles on trayHomemade Vegan Sprinkles mixture

This kitchen DIY post also doubles as a homemade gift post, because who wouldn’t want homemade vegan sprinkles for Christmas? Regular sprinkles often use egg whites or corn syrup as a binding agent, both of which get a hard pass from me. When creating this recipe, I really wanted to make homemade sprinkles that are as natural as possible but that still taste good. Sprinkles are basically pure sugar, so I used powdered sugar instead of corn syrup, and cream of tartar to hold everything together.

It only takes about 15 minutes to make a batch of homemade vegan sprinkles, but you’ll need to let them dry overnight to ensure that they set properly. So if you’re hoping to whip up a last-minute batch of sprinkles for a special treat, this recipe isn’t going to work for you!

Homemade Vegan Sprinkles in jar

How to make sprinkles

If you feel comfortable mixing a handful of ingredients together, you can easily make these homemade sprinkles. Before preparing the sprinkles mixture, you’ll want to prepare the trays you’ll be piping the sprinkles onto. Grab your largest baking trays and line them with wax paper. This step is essential, because the sprinkles will stick to the pan if you don’t lay out the wax paper. You’ll also want to grab a few small bowls and some zip-top baggies; you won’t need these right away, but this will save you from accidentally touching your kitchen cabinets with food coloring-stained hands later on!

Once your materials are all laid out, it’s time to make the sprinkles! Simply mix together some powdered sugar, cream of tartar, warm water, and vanilla extract. If you have time, sift the powdered sugar before mixing it into the other ingredients to prevent clumps from forming.

 Homemade Vegan Sprinkle with piping bag

Once you’ve mixed everything together, evenly distribute the sprinkles mixture into separate bowls (if you only want one color of sprinkles, you can skip this step). Then, add the food coloring of your choice to each bowl and whisk together. I used regular gel food coloring for these, but use your favorite food coloring or play with using natural colors like beet juice, etc. (although you might have to add more powdered sugar to make up for the additional liquid).

Up next is the hardest part: piping the sprinkles onto a baking tray. The biggest trick to piping these vegan sprinkles is making sure to pipe them thin enough, or else you will be left with thick, kind of never dry sprinkles that just turn to mush. When you start piping, start out small and go bigger if you have to. Once piped, let the sprinkles rest on your counter overnight, or until they’re dry. Once totally set, you can break them into sprinkle-sized pieces and use them in any recipe you’d like! If you are wondering what to use these homemade for, whip up a batch of these funfetti cookies, sprinkle onto my favorite vanilla bean ice cream, or just package up and gift them to someone with a bottle of vanilla extract. Sprinkles on sprinkles!

Homemade vegan sprinkles in gift wrapping Homemade Vegan Sprinkles on counter

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Kitchen DIY: No Oil Added Homemade Peanut Butter

Kitchen DIY: No Oil Added Homemade Peanut Butter

Kitchen DIY: Homemade Peanut Butter

Since the last Kitchen DIY post was such a hit, I’m going to try  to make it a regular series here! If you have any suggestions for homemade kitchen ingredients or components, let me know, I’m always up for requests. This go around, we are talking about homemade peanut butter. I’m a little ashamed to say that I wasn’t making homemade peanut butter until very recently, as in, within the last 6 months or so. The thing that really hung me up was all the oil in commercially made peanut butter. The natural kind that I bought grossed me out, seeing all the oil float to the top and inevitable create a mess when I tried to stir it in. But, I knew the already blended peanut butter wasn’t super great for me either (I mean, I’ll still eat some Jiffy, don’t get me wrong). Plus, the prices of peanut butter seems to be rising, so there has to be a way to make it at home, right? Right! (more…)